2011. február 2., szerda

Akvadrat - Introduction to the practice - A cég bemutatkozása - Predstavenie ateliéru

The architecture studio and firm „Akvadrat - Art and Architecture” was founded by Olivér Csémy in 1998. As a division of Akvadrat, we recently established also smaller tentative workshop within the company. The main intention behind this specialized work is to introduce and develop our own personal architectural perspective,
irrespectively of any external influence.

The nature of our project derives from the special plight that in this studio two different generation of architects cooperate in creating a collective thinking that can both effectively explore the limitations of modern architecture and can push the envelope in breaking down boundaries between artistic styles and tendencies. Of course, our artistic esteem and our opinions do confront each other at times, but it is our firm belief that this is the explanation of why our collaborative work is so effective. The solutions we attain are unique and cannot be categorized by any artistic movement or influence. Our observation is that creating something of novelty in contemporary architecture can solely be achieved by destroying and recreating the conventional limits and boundaries of it. However this has to be realized in a way that intrigues both the younger and elder generation of artists and architects.

During the process of our work we put emphasis on compounding our knowledge in order to reach something unique but still operable.

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